Forensic-Level Examination of Travel and Identity Documents

Advanced forensic-level technology, operated via a simplified touchscreen interface, the VSC80i provides a complete solution to the examination of secure travel and identity documents including passports, ID cards, visas, entry permits, and drivers licenses.


Examine and Authenticate Documents
Differentiate between false and genuine documents using a combination of specialist illumination and imaging techniques.


Identify Fakes and Counterfeits
Inspect crystal clear images of documents under high-magnification to reveal the tell-tale signs of counterfeiting.


Decode MRZ, e-Chip and Embedded Data
Auto-detect data embedded within documents including Machine Readable Zones, 2D and 3D barcodes, IPI and other concealed information.

Forensic-Level Technology
Simply Operated

The VSC80i is operated via a new uncomplicated software interface that provides fast and intuitive access to all examination functions including illumination and filtering, camera controls, embedded data decoders, and digital image enhancement.

Designed to meet the demands of high-throughput locations such as airports and busy border control points, the VSC80i TouchScreen Interface is immediately accessible and requires little training to perform advanced 'forensic-level' examinations.


Hardware Options
A choice of 3 VSC80i hardware variants enable the user to select a system that meets their own unique requirements:
FS view: VSC80/i/FS Full System with Touch Screen Interface

M2 view: VSC80/i/M2 Mid-Range Touch Screen System

M1 view: VSC80/i/M1 Entry-Level Touchscreen System 


Common Features
All VSC80i instruments include high-resolution imaging technology, UV-Vis-IR illumination sources, and Touch Screen Interface with easy to use software.