Agilent SpectrAA

SpectrAA Software is a user-friendly software that provides access to all instrument controls, sample results, and signal graphics from one window. The intuitive user interface accommodates users of all skill levels, and the PROMT measurement mode can reduce sample analysis time and increase productivity. SpectrAA Software also includes a suite of useful workflow capabilities, including simple method development, powerful reporting options, tracking of consumable usage, and compliance support for regulated industries.

  • Simple method development with the Surface Response Methodology(SRM) wizard
  • Save on downtime and running costs by tracking the operating lifetime of key consumables such as lamps, electrodes and pump tubing
  • Display a variety of results worksheet cells display final concentrations or raw signals; color-coded results can highlight out-of-range results, uncalibrated results, or other errors
  • Report sample results in units independent of those used for calibration, and create reports in sequential or multi-element formats
  • Use RANDOM sample function to schedule urgent sample measurement immediately after the current sample is complete, then resume normal sequence
  • Simplify label entry with autocopy and unique pattern recognition, read bar-coded samples directly and import labels from laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Comply with EPA guidelines - all current US EPA tests are built in
  • Take advantage of the latest technology and features with upgrade packages