Agilent Resolutions Pro FTIR Software

The Agilent Series 600 microscopes and spectrometers are controlled using the Resolutions Pro software package. Whether you are performing single point analyses, mapping, or chemical imaging, Resolutions Pro software for the Cary FTIR Microscopes helps you to acquire, process, analyze, and manage your data quickly and easily. Plug-and-play functionality and auto-calibrate procedures reduce setup time while "Imaging Method Editor" enables users of all levels to set up a method and start a measurement. Access to raw data is available for post-collection analysis. Data security and integrity is ensured through user privileges set up by a software manager. And built-in instrument performance tests provide confidence in your results.

  • Collect data with only two steps: Click and drag over the visual image of the sample to define the area you are interested in. Press Start. It's that simple.
  • Overlay visible and IR images for easy comparison, or click on the visible image to get the corresponding position on the IR image.
  • Collect large area visible mosaics.
  • Click on an image and get individual spectra to provide chemical information on your sample.
  • Interpret data easily by using 2d and 3d viewing options to simplify the interpretation of spatially-resolved components.
  • Reduce instrument setup time with the automated system calibration. The instrument will be ready to collect data at the click of a button.