F+F Recover

A cutting-edge chemical vapor fuming process to develop fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces including those that have been exposed to extreme heat (discharged bullet casings, for example) and items that have been washed ‘clean’ in an attempt to prevent identification.

Typical Applications


Fired Ammunition

Fired bullet cartridges are notoriously difficult to retrieve ‘usable’ prints from. RECOVER can yield fingerprints of incredibly high quality.

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IED Fragments

The original RECOVER application, prints can be visualized on metals exposed to extreme heat, including Improvised Explosive Device (IED) fragments.

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Washed Items

Even when an item of evidence has been washed clean, or submerged for an extended period of time, RECOVER can still retrieve identifiable prints.

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A Compact Laboratory System

RECOVER semi-automates the complex chemistry required to produce consistently high-quality fingerprints on untreated or cyanoacrylate-fumed items of evidence. Designed, engineered, and refined to provide a simple, low-maintenance solution, RECOVER contains all of the hardware and software components required for fingermark development, within a compact laboratory system.

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Motorized Lid

Offers adjustable capacity

Operated via the touchscreen, enables development chambers of varying capacity to be used.


Development Chamber

Provides 360o visibility

Available in 2 sizes, allows the user to monitor the development of fingermarks from all angles.


Precursor Activation Stage

Initiates precursor transition

Pre-weighed precursor ‘charges’ are placed into the temperature-controlled activation stage.


Integrated System

A turnkey laboratory solution

Compact and uncomplicated, the RECOVER system takes up minimal workspace and is delivered ready-to-use.


Touchscreen Interface

Intuitive software design

User-friendly, icon-driven software reduces complex chemistry to a simple step-by-step process.