Precision Zero Air

The Precision Zero Air generators are designed specifically to supply clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air to be used as flame support gas for GC at both standard and trace detection limits.

As with all Precision series generators, Zero Air benefits from a compact and modular, stackable design, minimizing the total footprint required for GC gas supply, and providing flexibility to add or remove modules as your laboratory requirements evolve over time.

  • Integrates seamlessly with other Precision units
  • Hydrocarbon content < 0.05ppm for market leading purity
  • Minimum lifetime maintenance requirements, no expensive catalyst chamber replacements
  • Avoid risk of contaminants entering the system (when switching out empty cylinders)
  • No risk of running out of gas in middle of analysis
  • Compatible with Precision Air Compressor
  • Status indicative lighting feature (amber warm-up, green ready)
  • 12 month warranty


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