Peak Precision Nitrogen

Precision Nitrogen has been developed to provide a constant and consistent source of nitrogen for carrier, make-up and reference gas for various GC applications, as well as sample preparation. These generators are capable of delivering high purity nitrogen, removing oxygen and moisture via Pressure Swing Adsorption and Carbon Molecular Sieve technology.

As with all Precision series generators, nitrogen models benefit from a compact and modular, stackable design, minimizing the total footprint required for GC gas supply, and providing flexibility to add or remove modules as your laboratory requirements evolve over time. 

  • Various models suitable to deliver carrier, make-up and reference gas
  • Suitable for delivering gas at standard detection limits as well as trace detection limits
  • Nitrogen generated on demand, as and when it is required
  • Constant and consistent supply, avoid running out of gas during analysis
  • Avoid contaminants entering system as result of changing over empty cylinders
  • Dedicated precision compressor module available where house supply not available
  • Ultra-fast start-up time, quick to reach standard operating purity
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Precision units
  • Compact, space-saving modular design
  • Minimum maintenance with an annual filter change
  • 12 month warranty


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