F+F PD2000/FP

The PD2000 is a unique document examination system designed to record images of passports under a number of illumination wavelengths in order to verify the presence of security features or to reveal anomalies that may indicate a forgery. Enables on-the-spot examination, transfer to a remote location for scrutiny by experts and database creation.

The fully integrated system includes a high-quality digital camera, multi-spectral light sources and a PC with high-resolution monitor.

PD2000/FP features include

  • Ultra high-resolution imaging
  • Simple operation – initiates multiple imaging under preset conditions with one click
  • Enables remote examination by experts via the internet
  • Facilitates the creation of passport databases including MRZ data

Using the systems various illumination wavelengths together with software tools to decode IPI and MRZ data from the document, a trained document examiner is able to conduct a thorough examination of a documents security features and to detect signs of tampering or modification.
The PD2000 software offers many of the same facilities as are available to VSC users, including the ability to manipulate an image on-screen (rotations, inversions, color balance etc.) and the ability to add annotations to a stored image.

Using the integrated database management tool, the PD2000 is the ideal system for the creation of document database with unprecedented image quality.
Using software automation it is quick and easy to capture a sequence of images under a predetermined selection of wavelengths.
Images can be stored alongside data captured from the document MRZ and stored locally or on a shared server for access by remote users.

Once document images have been captured, they can be transmitted to any remote location where an experienced document examiner, with an appropriate system, can select any of the images, zoom in and scroll around the image at any magnification and with no loss of resolution for closer examination.
With the appropriate software, the remote examiner can display the questioned document image, side by side, with that of an authentic document retrieved from a database for close comparison.