Agilent MP Expert

With a familiar worksheet interface, automated method development, and software applets that include pre-set method templates, the Agilent MP Expert dramatically simplifies analysis.

  • Wavelength and optimum parameters are preset and automatically recalled as you select the elements you need
  • A comprehensive spectral library highlights potential interferences as you select each wavelength
  • Spectral interferences are easily corrected using the Inter Element Correction (IEC), or the Fast Linear Interference Correction (FLIC) techniques
  • Accessory controls, such as those for the AVS 4 switching valve and the IsoMist temperature controlled spray chamber are included in the software for simplified set up
  • Quality control standards can be easily included to verify and confirm results during analysis
  • Results are clearly displayed on screen, with large format number results for the current sample enabling easy tracking, even across a busy laboratory
  • A diagnostics dashboard gives real-time feedback on instrument status to ensure maximum instrument uptime
  • Easily transfer results to a LIMS or other application using the flexible data exporting options
  • MP Expert software is available in nine languages, so anybody can be confident running the system