Agilent Lab Advisor

Agilent Lab Advisor software can be installed on any chromatography data system (CDS) and comprises comprehensive tools for calibration, diagnosis, and maintenance of Agilent CE, HPLC, and UHPLC instruments. The basic version of Lab Advisor includes instrument tests for daily use as well as general calibration and maintenance procedures. The advanced version offers additional features such as traceability, user assignment, data sharing, data reviewing, enhanced early maintenance feedback (EMF), and extended instrument control and signal recording for expert troubleshooting.

  • Access and configure your instruments instantly – through USB-based one-click Fast Connect feature.
  • Access system information online or offline – data sharing, export, and review functions provide easy access to multiple instrument configurations, logs, statuses, and test data
  • Allocate actions and result generation to specific individuals – trace and report user actions, logs, and tests with date and time stamps.
  • Save time and respond rapidly – through one-click access to all your familiar instrument test, tools, and calibration functions.
  • Minimize your software footprint – Lab Advisor coexists with any regular office and lab software.
  • Be proactive – graphical display of early maintenance feedback (EMF) helps you avoid problems and unexpected downtime.
  • Expand your Lab Advisor – apply add-ons from the inbuild market.