Agilent ICP-MS Plasma Chromatographic Software

Agilent's Plasma Chromatographic Software (Plasma Chrom) seamlessly integrates the Agilent 7700 and 7500 Series ICP-MS with chromatography instrumentation. Developed by Agilent, this optional software handles chromatographic data with powerful integration, calibration and quantification capabilities. But Plasma Chrom is more than a data analysis package. It is fully integrated into the ICP-MS MassHunter and ChemStation software. So you can set up sample sequences and perform automated chromatography. Run ICP-MS real-time ICP-MS data acquisition and analysis, and perform real-time QC actions such as retention time recalibration.

  • Display and manipulate data with powerful graphics
  • Integrate peak search, shoulder detection and peak smoothing routines
  • Perform a range of quantitative operations, including weighting and internal standardization
  • Confirm target analytes with automatic qualifier ion identification
  • Synchronize chromatograph and Agilent ICP-MS data acquisition automatically for genuine unattended sequence analysis
  • Automated chromatography-ICP-MS analysis, with real-time data analysis and output
  • Calibrate retention time in real time
  • Edit sample sequences, including insertion of rush samples