Agilent ICP-MS Intelligent Sequencing

Take control of run-time quality assurance by evaluating real-time data quality. Intelligent Sequencing for MassHunter (or ChemStation) compares measured results against expected values and takes appropriate QC actions. The software is delivered with a set of preconfigured templates to help you meet US EPA 200.8, 6020 and other internationally regulated requirements. You can easily tailor the software to meet specific QA/QC requirements and produce custom protocols by adding quality control samples and criteria.

  • Customize to meet your QA/QC functionality needs
  • Automate QA/QC checks
  • Perform pre-selected action to attempt to remedy the problem - with no operator investigation
  • Perform auto dilution as QC action on failure when used with the ISIS
  • Automatically generate custom QC reports that eliminate manual reporting procedures