Agilent ICP Expert II

Powerful ICP Expert II Software for the 710 Series and 720 Series spectrometers features an array of flexible performance and productivity enhancements that add more power to your ICP-OES analyses.

  • Easy-to-use worksheet-based software contains wizards and comprehensive multimedia tools to guide you through operation.
  • Fitted Background Correction (FBC) simplifies method development, eliminating the need to select correction points. This ensures better correction and fast analysis start-up.
  • Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT) resolves complex spectral interferences, ensuring greater accuracy in difficult matrices. FACT modeling can be conducted post-analysis.
  • AutoMax eliminates manual optimization and provides fast automated method development.
  • Smart Rinse speeds up sample washout, reducing carryover and increasing productivity.
  • Spectroscopy Configuration Manager software assists in achieving compliance with the US FDA 21 CFR part 11 rule (optional).
  • MultiCal monitors results at two or more wavelengths for each element — giving you confidence in the accuracy of your results and extending your measurement range.
  • Time resolved signal mode enables you to couple the Agilent 720/725 to a HPLC or Laser Ablation for fast, multi-element speciation and qualitative applications.
  • Measure the full Echelle spectrum in less than 1 second to quickly identify elements in unknown samples.
  • Collect the spectral data of all elements in your samples without increasing analysis times for retrospective, semi-quantitative capability