Peak Genius SQ 24

For labs using any Single Quad LC-MS systems, the Genius SQ 24 nitrogen gas generator delivers a high purity nitrogen supply dedicated for this instrument. With a compact size to fit under most lab benches and flow rates of up to 24 L/min, meeting and exceeding the maximum flow rate required by any Single Quad LC-MS on the market today, your lab can enjoy hassle free nitrogen gas which helps you deliver the best analytical results.

Genius SQ 24 has been designed using Peak’s experience of over two decades of working with and developing the best nitrogen generator membranes using expert suppliers and highly skilled Peak design and manufacturing engineers. This rigorous design process has helped not only deliver a reliable, high performance gas generator, it is also the best value nitrogen generator on the market today.

  • Best value nitrogen generator on the market
  • Variable flow up to 24 l/min
  • Outlet pressure up to 116psi (at 22 LPM maximum)
  • Reduced height and compact size to fit under most lab benches
  • Integrated internal compressors for easy plug and play
  • Based on proven and highly reliable technology
  • CE compliant
  • Backed by [Peak Protected] global on-site servicing, technical support and partner training


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