F+F ESDA-lite

Designed for traveling, the ESDA-lite is ideal for the private document examiner commissioned to work away from the laboratory and is supplied complete with accessories in a robust, padded carrying case that’s suitable for air travel.

As with full-sized counterpart, the ESDA-lite is simple to operate and capable of producing life-size transparencies of indented writing without damage or contamination to the original document and without interference to other forensic tests, the documents may be processed repeatedly without loss of sensitivity

ESDA-LITE features:

  • Complete portable system weighing less than 18kg
  • Cascade and Toner Pad development techniques
  • Universal power input for 'go-anywhere' operation
  • Produces permanent 1 to 1 transparencies
  • Responds only to indented writing - ignores the visible script
  • Non-destructive - leaves documents uncontaminated