With a large sample chamber, ECCO 2 is designed for the analysis of paper, glass, metals, paint, fibers, minerals and gunshot residues by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) providing elemental analysis on materials as small as 300 microns.

The system uses a high-intensity pulsed laser focussed on to the sample to create a plasma of vaporized matter which emits an atomic spectrum of the constituent elements. A database of emission lines provides automatic identification and labeling of elements present.

Analysis with ECCO 2 is fast, simple to operate, requires minimal sample preparation, gives immediate results and is sensitive to low parts per million. LIBS offers significant advantages in speed, sensitivity and cost-effectiveness over other processes such as XRF, SEM, and mass spectrometry.


Features include:

  • Rapid analysis
  • Automatic identification of elements
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Minimal technical training required
  • Safety interlocked sample chamber