Microscopic, traceable, and virtually indestructible; taggants are fast becoming an integral part of the high-security document printing process.

Using the Foster + Freeman DVM it is possible to detect and examine the latest generation of micro-taggants incorporated into inks and coatings on passports, ID cards, cheques, bank giros, travel tickets and other security documents.

Comprising a high specification microscope, CCD color camera, two high intensity LED light sources (White and UV), darkfield ring light and a transmitted white light XY stage, the DVM microscope can be used as a PC driven standalone instrument or integrated with a Foster+Freeman VSC system to create a complete document examination workstation.


  • Locate & Visualise Taggants in security documents and commonly counterfeited items
  • Examine in microscopic detail taggants smaller than 20 microns
  • Integrate with VSC Suite to provide document examination facilities
  • x35 to x7000 magnification dependent upon choice of objective
  • 3 modes of illumination Co-axial, darkfield ring light, and rotating side light.