A range of dual-wavelenght LED light sources for crime scene and laboratory applications

The first high intensity dual-color forensic Crime-lite for crime scene and laboratory applications.

The Crime-lite 42S, switchable between two arrays of 8 high-intensity LEDs provides the forensic examiner with three illumination outputs in a single alternate light source.

Using a simple 3-way control the examiner is able to alternate between two narrowband wavelengths or to use all 16 LEDs in combination to provide high-intensity wideband illumination. The ability to detect evidence under a selection of wavebands from a single source increased the chances of locating evidence and allows forensic investigators to reduce search times.

Crime-lite 42S light sources are available in the following combinations:

White, 400-700nm + blue, 420-470nm
UV, 350-380nm + violet, 395-425nm
Blue, 420-470nm + blue-green, 445-510nm
Blue, 420-470nm + green, 480-560nm
Blue, 420-470nm + red, 600-660nm
Green, 490-560nm + orange, 570-610nm
UV, 350-380nm + IR, 800-900nm