Agilent Cary Eclipse Software

The software for the Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is available as an Analysis or Bio package. The Analysis software package works for chemical, polymers, and materials applications. It provides fundamental functionality such as system information, alignment, scanning, concentrations, and simple reads as well as more extensive analysis such as kinetics, validate, and advanced reads. It also includesgood laboratory practice (GLP) administration and the advanced development language (ADL) for customizing and automating measurements. The Bio package for life science applications contains all the applications in the Analysis package plus software modules for Lifetimes, Ratio, and Thermal applications of biomaterials, proteins, and DNA.

  • Three modes of operation are offered in both software packages: fluorescence, phosphorescence, and bioluminescence/chemiluminescence.
  • Single-window operation makes operation quick and easy.
  • Toolbars assist quick access to the most common graphics and report operations, including zooming, cursor, adding text, changing axis ranges, drawing contours, and previewing reports.
  • Cut and paste graphs, bitmaps, and text into any word processing package.
  • 3-D graph or contour plot are obtained in seconds. The 3-D mode automatically collects a series of excitation, emission, or synchronous scans.
  • Applications Development Language (ADL) automates laboratory measurements.
  • File storage for all method and report parameters, calculations, graphical display, and the actual data in one file.
  • Automatically export data to a spreadsheet at the end of the measurement. The software can send an email when the data collection is finished, with or without the data file attached.