6546 LC/Q-TOF

The 6546 LC/Q-TOF accelerates your lab’s capabilities by enabling comprehensive workflows in metabolomics research, food safety, food authenticity, and environmental screening. With simultaneous high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high resolution, isotope fidelity and accurate mass measurements the resulting high data quality provides the level of confidence you need for fast and simplified data review processes.

With Q-RAI Quadrupole resolved All Ions or All Ions acquisition, food safety screening can now be combined with fragment information for identification, allowing you to conduct target and suspect screening simultaneously. In addition, for metabolomics research, the resolution increase together with broad dynamic range and isotopic fidelity makes the 6546 LC/Q-TOF the ideal platform.

  • Gain confidence at the low and high concentrations with simultaneous delivery of 5 orders of in-spectrum dynamic range and mass resolution over 60k (for high masses) and over 30k (for low masses)
  • Narrow down identification possibilities through sub-ppm mass accuracy and isotope fidelity within 5%
  • Maintenance made easy with vent-free access to ion source and inlet
  • Move beyond analytical targeted screening restriction on number of compounds and time-consuming method maintenance with accurate mass spectral libraries for pesticides, veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, extractables and leachables, and water contaminants
  • Access metabolomics workflows for profiling, lipidomics, and qualitative flux analysis
  • Use the new food authenticity workflow to streamline analysis when testing for product origin or adulteration


The Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF Accelerate Capablilities

The 6546 LC/Q-TOF enables you to simultaneously obtain high speed, high resolution, and wide dynamic range.

Brochures, English, 15 Apr 2019, 1015.06 KB, PDF


Application Notes

Simultaneous Targeted Quantitation and Suspect Screening of Environmental Contaminants in Sewage Sludge

Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF based workflow for rapid quantitation of regulated compounds while simultaneously screening for thousands of emerging contaminants.

Application Notes, English, 08 Apr 2019, 1.10 MB, PDF


13C Glucose Qualitative Flux Analysis in HepG2 cells

Qualitative flux analysis in human carcinoma cell lines using U13C glucose tracer, demonstraing the effect of pyruvate carboxylase knockdown

Application Notes, English, 02 Apr 2019, 1.04 MB, PDF


Food Authenticity Testing with the Agilent 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS and Agilent MassHunter Classifier

Presents a fast workflow for food authentification using the Agilent 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS and the Agilent MassHunter suite

Application Notes, English, 02 Apr 2019, 1.18 MB, PDF


Enhanced Food Safety Testing

Pesticide screening methodology using the Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF and MassHunter Quantitative Analysis Software 10.0 LC/Q-TOF Screener Tool

Application Notes, English, 01 Apr 2019, 1.73 MB, PDF


Improving Coverage of the Plasma Lipidome Using Iterative MS/MS Data Acquisition Combined with Lipid Annotator Software and 6546 LC/Q-TOF

Evaluation of a fully automated Q-TOF Iterative MS/MS acquisition mode, where the lipidome coverage can be significantly improved, using Lipid Annotator.

Application Notes, English, 28 Mar 2019, 845.81 KB, PDF