6545 LC/Q-TOF

The Agilent 6545 LC/Q-TOF is the standard for mid-range Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC/MS performance. Designed for untargeted sample analysis, it enables broad screening, comprehensive profiling, and identification of unknowns. 

Agilent’s 6545 LC/Q-TOF MS delivers sensitivity, resolution, mass accuracy, isotopic fidelity, and speed in one measurement. SWARM autotune enables optimal performance for everyone, specific to their application. The system couples excellent sensitivity over a wide in-spectrum dynamic range with precise quantitative accuracy, reducing the number of replicates needed or the size of a study.

  • SWARM autotune improves sensitivity up to 5x for small molecule applications, and preserves labile compounds for improved detection
  • Get stable mass accuracy day after day with improvements delivered by Agilent time of flight electronics design
  • Stable sensitivity, driven by orthogonal Agilent Jet Stream ionization and optics shared with LC/TQ
  • Enhanced gain shifted detector increases life time up to 3X


Your Path to Success – Agilent Solutions for Metabolomics

Agilent Solutions for Metabolomics brochure. Innovative metabolomics solutions from Agilent provide a powerful portfolio of instruments and informatics tools.

Brochures, English, 17 Apr 2019, 3.36 MB, PDF


Guide to Peptide Quantitation

Agilent is ideally qualified and happy to be the company that can assist you in your peptide quantitation journey.

Brochures, English, 08 Jun 2018, 559.38 KB, PDF


6545 Q-TOF LC/MS System Brochure

The new 6545 Q-TOF incorporates hardware and software innovations to enhance quality, significantly improve instrument robustness and increase overall performance.

Brochures, English, 24 May 2017, 28.52 MB, PDF


Application Notes

Identification of Unknowns in Ground and Surface Water by LC/Q-TOF

Identification of known and unknown pharmaceuticals and their degradants in surface and groundwater usign LC/Q-TOF accurate mass analysis and accurate mass tools

Application Notes, English, 04 Jun 2018, 981.61 KB, PDF


Metabolomic Research Using the 6545 Q-TOF LC/MS System

The 6545 Q-TOF is tuned by the novel Swarm Autotune for optimal performance in the m/z range of the metabolites in this metabolomics application.

Application Notes, English, 14 Mar 2018, 732.97 KB, PDF


Mining the Lipidome Using the 6545 Q-TOF LC/MS System

The 6545 Q-TOF is tuned by the novel Swarm Autotune for optimal performance in the m/z range of the lipids in this lipidomics application.

Application Notes, English, 14 Mar 2018, 810.23 KB, PDF


Identification and Semiquantitation of Monoterpene Glycosides in Ripening Muscat of Alexandria Grapes

The workflow and software used to identify and semiquantitate monoterpene glycosides in ripening Muscat of Alexandria grapes

Application Notes, English, 16 Aug 2018, 2.13 MB, PDF