MicroLab Software introduction for Agilent FTIR systems

20.10.2022 21:00


Описание: The Agilent FTIR spectrometers are versatile, innovative, and robust, providing superior quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples. With a wide range of switchable sample interfaces and high performing optics, this flexible FTIR benchtop spectrometer is an ideal tool for academic teaching labs. The MicroLab software reflects the design of the FTIR hardware – powerful, reliable, simple to use and focused on what you need – answers. This online seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to Agilent FTIR spectrometers and MicroLab software to help customers from Academic F15Teaching Labs to facilitate their operation.

Лектор: Yanqia Wang, PhD, Application Engineer, Molecular Spectroscopy, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Продължителност: 32 минути

Дата: 20 октомври 2022, 21:00 ч. българско време


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