Keeping Pace with COVID-19 Virtual Symposium

24.06.2021 10:30



There is still time to register to join us for an informative and interactive day sharing the latest learnings and best practices to accelerate COVID-19 research, test development, and vaccine and drug development. 

Symposium sessions include:

  • Collaborating in the fight against COVID-19
  • A next-generation tool bench for virology research
  • Keynote presentation: Viral hijacking of cellular metabolism
  • Seahorse XF reveals bioenergetic impact in virology
  • Rapid functional evaluation of virus-neutralizing antibodies and antiviral drugs using multiparametric live-cell analysis
  • Focus on virology: Applications to enable discovery
  • SLIMS: Easier and faster LIMS deployment for COVID
  • Faster in, faster out: Achieve the most efficient analysis of raw material for vaccine production
  • Agilent GC solution for alcohol-based hand sanitizer testing
  • Analysis of alcohol levels in hand sanitizer formulations using Cary 630 FTIR
  • QA/QC of protection masks

Продължителност: 10:30 - 17:30 българско време

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